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Disability Buy-Out Insurance

This is used when your objective is to fund the purchase of a disabled owner's interest in your business.  If you or one of your partners were disabled, how would you resolve conflicting interests?

Disability Buy-Out Insurance funds the purchase of a disabled owner's portion of the business in the event of disability.  If you or a co-owner suffers a prolonged or permanent disability and, as a result, a share of the business must be sold to the other partners or co-owners.

Few business owners have a plan in place to protect their business in the event of a co-owner's disability.  Most underestimate the chances of a disability striking them or a co-owner.  Disability Buy-Out Insurance ensures that there are funds available so that the business can avoid depleting savings or investment accounts, drawing on future earnings, or affecting credit sources in order to buy out the disabled co-owner.

The disabled owner's concerns:

  • How can I recover my investment?
  • Where is the return for starting and growing the business?
  • Why should I let others run my business using my money?

The remaining owner's concerns:

  • With an owner not working or providing services, how will all of the work get done?
  • Would the disabled owner's spouse or children want a say in running the business?
  • Will the disabled partner sell his or her interest to a competitor?
  • Where would we get the money to buy-out the disabled partner?