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Our Approach

The Macro Manager Approach

Chances are, you have an insurance agent for your auto, home, and possibly, life insurance. You may already have a financial planner or broker who advises you on investments. A banker for your day-to-day transactions. A real estate agent. An accountant. And probably an attorney, too.

With multiple micro-level managers, it’s easy for details and important financial information to get lost when you have so many people working for you. The lawyer who wrote your will, for instance, might not think to check that the titling on your property documents match your wealth transfer wishes.

At Kirshner & Klarfeld Financial Group, LLC, the first thing we do is check every aspect of your current financial situation to uncover inefficiencies and inconsistencies. As Macro-Managers we also work with your various professional advisors to correct these inefficiencies and to coordinate and implement new strategies. This step alone helps ensure your assets are protected from the beginning while we continue to develop short- and long-term strategies.