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The Illuminated Wealth Solution™

After many years of practice in the world of personal finance, I became disillusioned with commoditized nature of financial planning.  There was a vast proliferation of information, opinions, tools and products available to help people plan for their future, yet more and more people still felt like they were struggling and that they could not get ahead.

With this in mind, I developed The Illuminated Wealth Solution™, a unique planning process developed specifically for my clients.  It is a 5-Step process designed to open one’s mind to uncommon ways to define, build and enjoy your wealth and provide additional security along the way.

Step 1 – The Illuminated Alternative™

Traditional financial planning is inherently flawed, from the concept of needs-based planning to simplistic formulas used to calculate future wealth.  The Illuminated Alternative ™ explores how traditional planning not only limits your true wealth but also encourages you to adhere to financial myths that can damage your future wealth.  This step shines the light on an alternative way to grow your wealth and plan for your future.

Step 2 – The Personal Reflection™

An in-depth conversation focused solely on you. It is designed to serve as the foundation to your future decision making.   By identifying your Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths, you will have the direction, confidence and capability to transform your future vision into reality.

Step 3 – The Protected Future™

The foundation of true wealth starts with safeguarding all that is important to you.  We will analyze all aspects of your protection, from your income and human life value to your estate plans and business agreements.  You will receive a Financial Balance Scorecard, the objective of which is, over time, to move you from areas where you have no protection or are under- protected to an overall optimal level protection.

Step 4 – The True Wealth Expander™

First, we will work to develop an Investment Philosophy that will guide your future investment decisions. Then, we will identify inefficiencies with your current cash flow, focus on recovering costs that you may not have known were eroding your wealth and coordinate and integrate the different areas of your financial life.  The True Wealth Expander™ will help you think differently about how you save and invest.  It is designed to provide you with more ways to enjoy your wealth in retirement, and reduce your risk along the way.

Step 5 – The Confident Life™

Through The Confident Life™ we will make updates to your plan as your life changes and provide you with ongoing coaching.  The objective is to make sure that you continue to make progress and to reinforce the confidence in the strategies you have implemented so that you can focus on the parts of life that are most important to you.