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Why, How and What


The fundamental question we at Kirshner & Klarfeld ask ourselves every day is not "What do we do?" or "What products and services do we provide?" Instead, to build a superior financial services firm to best serve our clients in a 21st century economy, we first ask ourselves "Why are we in business?" At Kirshner & Klarfeld Financial Group, our core philosophy, or WHY we are in business, is as follows: 

In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently and questioning conventional wisdom. In doing so, we want to inspire our clients to understand the factors that affect their wealth and the risks that they face, thereby enabling a paradigm shift in the way they view and design their personal financial strategies.


We believe that communication is about listening, not speaking. Through the use of Guardian's The Living Balance Sheet® and its holistic approach to financial decision-making, we carefully listen to our clients’ own personal values as well as their short-term and long-term risks, concerns and desires. As we address each and every one of these through our holistic model, we have the ability to test multiple financial scenarios making it easy to recognize the long-term potential of every dollar earned. The end result is better financial decision-making to ensure maximum wealth potential and improved overall financial balance.


As a full financial services firm, we at Kirshner & Klarfeld Financial Group have the ability to provide our clients with a broad variety of financial products and services. In addition to the products and services that we offer our clients, we can also provide introductions to some of the leading attorneys, CPAs and other professionals to help craft strategies in the areas of estate planning, tax planning, pension plan design, executive compensation, employee benefits, business succession planning and charitable giving.